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Thank you for visiting Healthworx and our testimonial site. This is where you can tell us and others about your experiences with Healthworx products. If you have had a positive experience with one or more of our products, tell us about it in as concise a way as possible. You must give us your name and address and of course your e-mail address. If you wish to remain anonymous to the general public, we will only post your initials and city of residence on this site. We will not in any way use your name for any other purpose without your written permission. Remember, your positive experiences with Healthworx products may help someone else with a similar condition.

While testimonials are not considered ‘scientific’ and they cannot be used legally to market a product, none the less they can have considerable value. Just because a product has not been subject to an ‘official’ clinical study does not mean it has no value. In reality, most natural products are not subject to clinical studies because they cannot usually be patented and therefore there is no economic incentive to pay for a costly clinical study. This is the plight of the alternative and complimentary medicine industry, so we rely on the practical experience of holistic practitioners and the feedback or ‘testimonials’ of people who have been helped. It is in this way that our message can be spread, from one person who has been helped to another person seeking help, and so on.

So tell us about your experiences with Healthworx, it may be of great benefit to others. Remember, over 40,000 Canadians and over 400,000 Americans die each year from the side effects of prescription and over the counter drugs and other ‘medical’ procedures, and your testimonial may save one or more fellow human beings from a similar fate.

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